Wireless infrastructure

For a capillary signal coverage, free from interference and safe, even when traveling.

WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) Cambium Network

Designed to offer high quality performances, both indoor and outdoor, WISP devices are suited to cover a large field of use: connection within companies and factories perimeter, hospitality comfort, university campus, public and private transports. The high weatherproof feature guarantees a Wi-Fi connection always efficient and prevents from buying a new power line. Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless connectivity solutions that strengthen connections between people, places and things. Specializing in providing an end-to-end wireless fabric of reliable, secure, cloud-managed platforms that perform under demanding conditions, Cambium Networks empowers service providers and enterprise, industrial and government network operators to build intelligent edge connectivity.

Wireless Router Ruckus

The router is a device that can be used regardless of the existence of an Internet connection and allows sharing of the same connection to multiple computers or IT devices. A router is therefore able to manage all the protocols necessary to create a computer network, ensuring that all the devices connected there communicate effectively with each other, thus ensuring that the data packets arrive in the right order to the right recipient. Ruckus products merges made-in-Ruckus technology with the highest design and innovation standards. They represent smart partners able to reduce other channels' interferences and address the signal where needed, instead of neighbouring access points. Thus, they are ideal for placessuch as schools, universities, public areas, hospitalities and congress halls, where signal deviation is quite common.

Mobile bandwidth bonding Peplink

Peplink transportation networking technologies deliver reliable, fast, and flexible mobile networking that keeps your business running in high gear, wherever opportunity takes you. ERP, file transfer, fleet tracking and surveillance, and content in HD quality — with Peplink, all your digital traffic gets where it’s going quickly, without detours, delays, or downtime. Staying in touch with your fleet and keeping up-to-date on changes, challenges, and opportunities is key to working well on the go. From resource planning across the enterprise to real-time vehicle tracking with pinpoint precision, Peplink makes it easy and affordable to manage high-level strategies, minute-to-minute details, and all points between.