The rental formula, with regard to interoperable radio devices, is not new in our sector. What is at the forefront is the Format we have decided to test in Italy and abroad, on which we have invested resources and research over the past 20 years.

Initially, its design responds to specific needs in multiple contexts, which we managed to expand by opening niches of the market until then remained unexplored.

Keeping the wireless communication system rental service constant over time, which has given rise to our reality and led to B2B partnerships with world-leading customers, we are now able to design permanent solutions and taylored sales formula through the experience we gained from working closely with the customer and his needs. Instead of focusing on the sales formula and then approaching the rental format, we firmly believe that the reverse process is the most profitable in terms of success and savings for the customer. The efficiency of the format used by us, lies in the possibility to test immediately and in the field the products subject to request, significantly shortening the time of supply / demand. The professional products we deal with, operating in the field of new technologies, are always of the latest generation, approved according to current regulations and constantly subject to the strictest quality controls. Taking note, therefore, of the needs of the customer from time to time through the rental Format in the field, we can create a relationship of mutual trust; we learn from different situations to respond promptly and successfully to every difficulty, already projected towards the next 20 years.

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