Professional Radios

The best solution for a coordinated and reliable management of wireless communications on events, sports, cinema and industry. The use of professional radios reduces the margin of error and makes the exchange of sensitive information immediate and secure.

Professional Portable Radios

A serie made in Motorola extremely competitive in the radio-telecommunication field. It concerns a good everyday more common in different sectors (working environment, university, logistic, etc...) due to its intrinsic feature of being able to put into communication users efficiently, quickly, safely and effortlessly.
The instantaneous flow of communication reduces informations' transmission, turning decision and intervention making into immediate controls, thus increasing workplace safety and performances.

Professional Mobile Radios

The world we live in, a global world, requires now more than ever a stable and efficient interconnection between individuals. For this reason, Motorola technology came out / thought about a serie which allows users to communicate even at a long distance while driving, decresing lack of concentration risks. Extremely reliable, these Mobile Radios represent an affordable solution to anyone who wants to coordinate his travelling team, working together in order to reach the highest safety standards.


Its tapered shape and the low energy consumption make the product handy, affordable and low maintenance cost. As a matter of fact, one's own business success depends on signal transmission's rapidity, both voice and data related. The repeater represents the new generation in this aparatus' field, whether you need an elementary system or an advanced-technology one.

SmartPTT and SmartPTT Plus Operations Center

Motorola SmartPTT and SmartPTT Plus is the world's leading software for DMR operating centers and fully compatible with MotoTRBO.
The multifunctional operations center is the nucleus from which you can remotely control all the communications of a radio network. At the same time as the control function, which performs extremely effectively, the software manages many other activities, such as: monitoring the various interconnected devices, filtering, furthermore, giving priority to urgencies (for example Man Down and lone worker emergencies), the transmission of audio and text messages in real time or deferred and the GPS location of the equipment.