Intercom systems

The technology that allows you to stay always in touch and to facilitate short-range coordination operations. The small size makes it essential to achieve the best result, without interfering with the aesthetic side of the performance.

Intercom Riedel

Different from other innovations in the intercom's world, Riedel technology is a real revolution. Therefore, Riedel ridefines and broads the horizon of old generation intercoms, making them more versatile and comaptible with a huge range of the same cathegory products. The high quality signal's transmission and reception contributes to better communication in many aspects: vacal messages are cleare, faster and confidential informations are more protected.

Intercom 3M-Peltor

Versatile, secure and multifunctional, 3M-Peltor intercoms are ideal in sport and motorsport sector, however not excluding artistic executive one. Some of the peculiar features of Peltor's serie are the long-lasting battery autonomy and the weather resistance, together with high quality signal transmission.

Intercom David Clark

David Clark's intercoms are unique in their design, extremely avant-gardist in technology and in experimentation. They stand out for their multiple field of use and for their capability to prop up various channels simultaneously. Moreover, they are able to interact with different devices and their ergonomic shape simplifies carriage and belt fastening.