It's a kind of equipment that is essential for countless situations, since they perform two specific functions: the first concerns the use as Personal Protection Devices, the second the ability to always stay in touch thanks to intercommunicating devices.

PPE Headset

3M Peltor

3M PELTOR Headsets are designed to provide a high level of attenuation, particularly sound dominated by low frequencies, in some key applications where extreme noise levels are encountered. When correctly selected and worn these products help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise and loud sounds. A unique low profile headband design which helps maintain constant pressure thus providing confidence in protection, double casing technology that helps minimise resonance effect and a good speech intelligibility are just a few of the main feature of this product.

PPE communications headset

3M Peltor

3M PELTOR Communications Headsets is a global leader in two-way and active listening headsets for use in hazardous, high noise environments. The comprehensive range of headsets and hearing protectors can be used in a number of environments and meet most requirements for both communication and hearing protection. 3M PELTOR LiteCom Pro Headsets serie is the highest performance hearing protector which helps you communicate safely in potentially explosive environments. The headsets have a built-in analogue and digital two-way radio, which allows headset-to-headset communication and can be integrated into similar professional radio systems. The noise cancelling waterproof microphone provides voice-operated transmission for hands free use, and Bluetooth multipoint connectivity allows seamless connection of mobile devices, so you can make and take calls without stopping work.

David Clark

David Clark headset jumps on top of the chart for quality, elegance, unmistakable shape and modern design. The consolidated experience in the aeronautic field allows gradual but steady improvements in comfort and vocal message clearness.