About us

MTCOM was founded in 1998 and is positioned as a smart player in the telecommunications sector. The company is divided into business units and specialized in the rental, servicing and marketing of professional equipment and interoperable analog and digital systems for wireless communications. MTCOM has been a partner of some of the most important national and international companies for over 20 years and puts customer satisfaction at the center of its vision. The value of people, the know-how and the ability to always make the difference in terms of authoritativeness and reliability of the proposed solutions, have allowed MTCOM to create consolidated and trusted relationships with the customers of the new global world.


Solution Provider

MTCOM is a real solution provider, able to support and guide the customer thoughout every project phase, step and request. Each project in planned in detail and closely supervised at the top quality level available on the market. Ranging from the consulting to the planning and realization, untill the most appropriate technological solution, it conducts several inspections and manage the whole procedure in order to obtain the ministerial licences required. MTCOM customer is never left alone, but always flinked by qualified personnel capable of a smart partner approach, better than an ordinary supplier.



  1. Because MTCOM has developed a 20-years know how shaped on outstanding projects in cooperation with remarkable customers, both national and international. The customer advantage lies on the great attention the company addresses to safety, merged with solid capabilities gained in years of hard work and placed at the highest quality level on the market.
  2. Because in MTCOM people make the difference. Human resources' virtues result in the ability of understanding the customer's needs, prefigure them and personalize the solutions in a tailor made fabric.
  3. Because choosing MTCOM means to address one, single speaker for the whole telecommunications sector. The result of it is evident in the increasing efficiency, rapidity and cost-effectivness.
  4. Because each project “made in MTCOM” is fullfilled with no compromise, offering the customer the highest quality standard in full compliance with the strictest safety measures required by the market. By choosing MTCOM, safety comes first.



OSHAS 18001:2007: Workers Safety and Health Management System
The MTCOM experts are certified and equipped acording to the Legislative Decree n° 81/2008 and of the “Testo Unico sulla Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro”, in implementation of the provisions of the European Directive 2001/49 / EC, having carried out the necessary theretical and practical training, and subsequent updates, of access systems on pylons and positioning by means of fall arrest systems for the execution of work at height.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008: Quality Management System

MOTOROLA: Partner Motorola since 2001 and Silver Partner 2018 of Motorola Solution Professional Radio

SAPR Operator