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Drone DJI Mavic Air

Autonomy of flight and speed are the main characteristics that distinguish this technological jewel. It has sensors positioned frontally, posteriorly and inferiorly. The maximum distance from the controller and the frequencies on which it works, make it a highly performing instrument with multiple functions, suitable for video shooting and surveys in critical areas. The indisputable quality level is confirmed by the definition of HD images and the wide range of shooting in flight. The rental is linked to the piloting of the aircraft by one of our certified SAPR operators.


MTCOM mobile station

The MTCOM mobile station is a transportable radio control center, wired, air-conditioned and equipped with IP and PC connectivity for software applications that guarantees complete technical assistance on site. Equipped to transport analogue and digital radio systems and related accessories, it can be only rented with the support of one of our operator and used for the coordination of specialized personnel in the field of sporting events, traveling shows, concerts and fairs, as well as for emergency assistance. The container can be customized with the application of stickers and decals along the sides under customer request, for the diffusion of its image and of important communications and information.

Products customization

MTCOM realizes ad hoc customizations on customer request to promote the brand. Such customizations may relate to the duration of a single event, for example in the case of customizations on the mobile station, or they may be definitive, as in the case of product customizations.

Devices prototype

The technical department of MTCOM can, under request of its partner client, study and design prototypes in the field of Motorsport to create tailor-made solutions.